Frequently Asked Questions

So you have a question? This is where the answers are!

Something broke...who do I yell at?

If you feel the error is on Mollari.Chat and not on Beam specifically you can head on over to the contact page and drop me a line. Please be as specific as possible as that will help me find and squash the potential bugs!

XSplit and keeping the source in memory?

To create 1 instance of the chat overlay that will span multiple scenes without refreshing you will need to load a normal webpage url scene. After that you will right click and on the bottom make sure you check the "Keep source in memory". To use the chat in memory on each scene you will hit control + c with the scene selected and then control + v in any scene you need it in. It should be the same color in the scenes list across multiple scenes and now will show up in the linked sources next to the "Keep source in memory" checkbox. You can see it done in the setup video for Xsplit here at the 2:31 point in the video.

How do I setup my Mollari.Chat overlay?

You can find a quick walkthrough on setting up your Mollari.Chat overlay in OBS Studio and Xsplit here. If you have any other questions head on over to the contact page and get ask away!

How much does Mollari.Chat cost?

Absolutely nothing! There is no upfront fee or monthly fee at all.

Is Mollari.Chat available on other streaming platforms?

Unforunately not and at this time there are no plans to expand to other platforms either. I made the switch over to Beam and have loved it and would like to keep this as a Beam only service.

Can I use Mollari.Chat when streaming from a console?

Unforunately no, Mollari.Chat requires a browser window overlay which can be found in both OBS Studio and XSplit.

Does this work with OBS Classic?

Unforunately no as OBS Classic is depricated and no longer receiving updates. If you are still using OBS Classic I would recommend downloading OBS Studio.